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How Autistic People Think, Learn & Remember

Autistic people usually don't get the benefit of having their cognitive processes explained to them when they are young. Late-diagnosed people also don't get this information. Neither do parents. Neither do professionals.

In my latest book, Autistic-Thinking: How Autistic Brains Think, Learn & Remember, Autistics and those who love or work with Autistics can learn about the way Autistic people think and learn as well as how memory works for Autistic people.

Written to be accessible and usable, this book explains the research and experience of Autistic cognitive processes so that Autistic people can better understand and accommodate themselves, and so Autistic children and adults can be better accommodated by those who care for them or serve them professionally.

Autistic Thinking debuted last week and hit the number #2 best-seller spot in the Disabilities Parenting category on Amazon. It is also available for Kindle and Apple Books and will be available at other retailers and for orders for bookstores and libraries soon.

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