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A blond, white mother with glasses looks away from the camera while holding a brown haired white toddler in a blue and white dress. The background is green and brightly sunlit.


My goal as a consultant for families, schools, and agencies serving Autistic children is to create a world where Autistic people are happy, safe and understood. 

I focus on problem solving, education about the Autistic experience, parent support including self-care and community care, trauma informed services, and needs of non-speaking Autistics. Using my unique experience as an Autistic person and mother of a non-speaking Autistic daughter and my education in clinical social work, I provide families, schools and agencies understanding of the individual, which is key to serving them, strengths-based problem solving, and advice on program and systems development. 

I am available for telephone and video consultation as well as in person trainings and consultation in the Pacific Northwest. I also offer limited speaking engagements.  

I'm based in Portland and spend my free time exploring, reading, and writing. 



Doctor of Social Work, Capella University

Master of Social Work, University of Southern California

Master of Liberal Studies, English Concentration, Fort Hays State University

Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, San Francisco State University


  • Thriving Together: An Essential Guide: Finding Support and Mastering Self-care for Caregivers of Children with Differences and Disabilities

  • Thriving Together Workbook: Finding Support and Mastering Self-care for Caregivers of Children with Differences and Disabilities

  • Meeting Myself in the Dark: A Shadow Work Prompt Journal for Neurodivergent Souls

  • Coming in 2024: Autistic Thinking: How Autistic Brains Think, Learn and Remember

  • Coming in 2024: The Late Diagnosed Handbook: How Autistic people can get support, self-accommodate & finally make sense of everything

Dissertation: Barriers to Self-Care in Mothers of Disabled Children


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