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Amplifying Autistic LGBTQ+ Voices for Pride

Autistic people are shown to be more likely to be LGBTQ+ than non-Autistic people in multiple studies, which are summarized here. Autism advocacy should always include advocacy for LGBTQ+ people, and really, advocacy for one group should include others. Each day in June, I will be sharing three Autistic LGBTQ+ individuals on my Instagram account. The inclusion criteria are:

  1. Self-selected creators: I am only featuring individuals who asked to be included because I want to be sure I have consent to share creators identities.

  2. Identify as LGBTQ+

  3. Identify as Autistic

  4. Have a small platform--I hope to share creators that have smaller followings of less than 10,000. Please check out the daily series running each day this month.

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