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"Pay What You Can" consulting options

Have you ever found a parenting coach or autism consultant online you really wanted to work with on a problem your facing for yourself or your child only to find the individual offers packages for $7500 for 6 sessions over 3 months or $3000 over 4 sessions in 2 months or even $300 per hour?

While most consultants and coaches offer pre-recorded courses for $50 or $75 and up that offer valuable information but maybe don't answer the question you need assistance with. Most consulting leaves out people without the financial resources to pay for it.

The rates are not uncommon for professionals with extensive educations and experience. I have a doctorate degree and two master's degrees. I'm a Licensed Master Social Worker. I am the mother of a non-speaking Autistic girl with ADHD and a PDA profile. I am also Autistic and ADHD. I view my profession as a social worker and my position as a mother to require me to help others in similar places. I want to help support Autistics and their families in all situations.

Because I regularly see the need in my DMs, email and in Facebook groups, I am offering a limited number of "pay what you can" consulting options available asynchronously via direct messaging, email or text or by phone or video if needed. I will offer my assistance and support as I would with any other consultation, and you pay me what you can.

For reference, my usual consulting fee is already fairly low at $100 per hour. I plan to continue reserving some spots for "pay what you can" indefinitely. Please contact me for more information.

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