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This blog is political

Being a parent is political.

Being Autistic is political.

Being a woman is political.

Being a social worker is political.

As an Autistic woman, a mother of a non-speaking Autistic girl, and a social worker, I will not shy away from talking about how political and legal issues impact disabled people, people of color, women, including trans women, LBGQIA+, people with low incomes and middle incomes, parents and more.

My daughter has the cards stacked against her in our society. It's my job to remove as many barriers for her as I can. I ask you to stand with disabled people for protection from discrimination and separateness, to provide them with quality services that allow for autonomy and quality of life.

I am Autistic. That matters in two respects. I'm part of the disability community. I am also one of many Autistics who have a high sense of fairness, justice, and equity. Injustices hurt me. My hyper empathy cause me to feel events and other people's pain viscerally. I crave a just world and will always work towards those ends.

As a woman, I know my rights aren't guaranteed. Being a woman means I'm judged by a different standard than men and my age, appearance, weight and attractiveness always factor in to any equation of my value. I resent that. And I want to fight against the systems that maintain these standards. I ask you to stand with all women.

I am also working towards being a better support of all those being denied power. I am working towards anti-racism, which I expect to be a lifelong effort. I support people off different sexual orientations and those who are gender diverse. I support all marginalized people including those who come to other countries seeking safety and freedom and those who are disabled. I ask you to stand with all marginalized people, those who are targeted by bigotry and harmed by systems that protect others.

These are both personal and professional positions. I am a social worker, and my professional ethics include political action and advocacy. I take my responsibility to society and marginalized people seriously.

Thank you for your continued support. Advocacy is political. I will share positions and make assumptions about the ways to support people, which will also include acceptance and support.

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