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Looking for a EPUB version of the Shadow Work journal? This is the place. 


Meet yourself in the dark with over 100 expertly crafted prompts to discover the hidden parts of who you are as a neurodivergent person. Shadow work is the introspective process of exploring and integrating the hidden or repressed aspects of one's personality, encompassing emotions, traits, and experiences, to achieve self-awareness and personal growth. Dive deep, dear reader. Not all shadow work is created equal. Most shadow work doesn't account for neurodivergent traits and how those traits might mimic shadow traits.

Learn to:

  • separate neurodivergent traits from evidence of the shadow.
  • identify your triggers and the best ways for you to cope with them.
  • explore and accept who you are without a mask.
  • increase self-compassion.
  • recognize archetypes and which you hold within you.
  • identify where you need healing.
  • integrate your conscious and unconscious selves.

Written by a neurodivergent former therapist, social worker, and consultant for Autistic adults, families, and organizations, Meeting Myself In Dark is a journal of self-discovery.

Meeting Myself in the Dark: A Guided Shadow Work Journal...EPUB Version

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