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Looking for a PDF version of Autistic Thinking? Ask and receive! What if we've been looking at Autism all wrong? What if we've been going about teaching Autistics the wrong way? What if neurotypical researchers, educators, and theorists have missed how Autistic brains work because they've been looking at Autistic behaviors as indicators of processing through a neurotypical lens?

Challenging conventional wisdom, Autistic Thinking provides a look at Autistic thinking, learning, and remembering from the point of view of an Autistic providing Autistic people with potentially life-changing information needed to understand and accommodate themselves, and it provides fresh insight for parents, families, and professionals into the Autistic children and adults they love or work with.

Through engaging narratives and research insights, this book illuminates the way Autistic brains experience the world. A must-read for Autistics, parents, educators, therapists, and anyone eager to broaden their understanding of what Autism is truly about from the inside.

Autistic Thinking: How Autistic Brains Think, Learn & Remember PDF Version

SKU: 979-8870551135-2
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