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Book Report: The Autistic Boy in the Unruly Body by Gregory Tino

The Autistic Boy in the Unruly Body is a short and sweet children's book focused on the experience of a non-speaking Autistic child searching for a more cooperative body.

Spoiler: he decides the one he has is good enough.

Published this year and illustrated by Patittoo, The Autistic Boy is a great book for kids to understand the experience of non-speakers and will help non-speakers themselves feel seen and acknowledged.

Some of the best parts of this book are the sections other than the story itself: the preface and introduction, about the author and explainer on Tino's communication method, Spell to Communicate. These contain valuable information for non-speakers and adult readers to fully understand apraxia and its influence.

I highly recommend this book to parents of Autistic kids--especially non-speakers, but also for school libraries, and for professionals who serve Autistic youth.

I've already sent it along with my daughter to be read by some of her teachers and therapists because though non-speakers are in their communities, practices and classrooms, most people don't understand the all important motor planning disorder that causes the body/brain disconnect.

Tino has also written two other books to date, which I plan to check out as well. The Autistic Boy in the Unruly Body is available here.

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